Gallery Page Of Our Before & After Vintage Attire Work

Vintage Suit Alteration & Repair Previous Work Examples

Before: Jacket is quite boxy and no real shape to it.

After: We tapered the body, re cut the side seams for a more tailored fitted appearance.

Also added a velvet top collar for an added stylish touch.

Before: Body is loose and no real shape to this lovely Billy Reid coat.

After: We altered the rear side seams for a more fitted tailored look.

Billy Reid

Barbour vintage shooting coat came in for a repair to a rip on the back.

Before:Lower part has a 2" by 2" rip/tear.

After: We repaired this using some existing fabric taken from inside the coat. Came out discreet and a near invisible repair.

Customer brought his sons school blazer in for repair work, had a very large split to the rear.

Before: Very large split on the rear seam.

After: Fully repaired, good as new for an invisible repair outcome.

Before 1" rip / tear to vintage jacket sleeve circa 1960's


After, near invisible repair using existing material from the inside of the jacket

Before, small hole to this 1960's mohair and wool vintage suit jacket 

After, used a combanation of new material from inside of the jacket along with some fuse work for a near invisible repair

Before, crutch / crotch hole on these 1960's era woolen vintage trousers

After, repaired to a near invisible outcome

Before, large hole / rip on near the seam on this 1950's era vintage suit jacket

After, we were able to strip the sleeves seams apart and repair the hole for a pretty much invisible repair outcome

Before, split seam on this 1940's era vintage suit jacket, could go alot worse if left 

After, we stripped the lining down to gain access to the inside seams, carefully sealed the seam for a invisible repair

Before, rip / tear on this vintage suit jacket

After, after gaining access to the internal part of the jacket, we could then seal the seam back to previous rip condition

Before, large rip / tear damage on these vintage trousers from circa late 1980's 

After, we stripped down the full side seam on these and were able to re work the seams to remove the damage and seal the side seam for a invisible repair

Before, large rip / tear on this lovely old denim jacket from circa 1970's

After, we used a combination of new denim and sewing work for a near invisible repair outcome

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